Bodie Steps Down

K9 Bodie Retires (Sacramento Police Department Media Release)

 Sacramento Police K9 Bodie is retiring after three years of devoted service as a result of injuries sustained during a critical incident.

 Bodie is one of only two Sacramento Police canines that have been shot in the line of duty.   Bodie has gone above and beyond the call of duty while serving the Sacramento community and will now proudly be the first ever honorary Sacramento Police reserve K9.  

In November of 2010 Officer Randy Van Dusen began training K9 Bodie.  K9 Bodie is a German Shepherd dog that was imported from Germany for police work. After two months of training that included obedience, agility, search and suspect apprehension, Bodie was certified as a police canine. Bodie was certified for narcotics detection as well as article searching and tracking.  Bodie was one of the Police Department’s canines that assisted the SWAT team during warrant services and high risk entries and searches.  

Bodie and his handler have received multiple recognitions. Most recently in April of this year, they were awarded the 911 Heroes Award presented by 911 for Kids. 

Bodie is an extremely friendly dog and his hard work ethic will be missed among his K9 partners. 

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